Plot your port plan with DOKK

DOKK is a leading platform for ports and agents to communicate and manage port calls for cruise ships

Booking software as a service (SAAS), currently operational across all major ports in Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Real time data

Centralized real-time data that simplifies and supports all management processes.


Enhanced transparency for the public good, enabling economic growth surrounding each harbour.

Better management

Simplified Workload Distribution and Personnel Management - Enhancing Infrastructure Optimization.


We aim to connect ports all around the globe

By leveraging artificial intelligence and data analysis, we aim to enhance the ports operational efficiency during cruise calls, empowering agents to optimize voyage routes more effectively

Crowd management & Sustainable operations

Our API provides real opportunities for local businesses to anticipate and strategize for cruise arrivals

It supplies real-time data to minimize booking errors, streamline communication, prevent overcrowding, and enhance the overall experience

Additionally, our data offers crucial statistics and insights that can then be utilized by various companies and institutions for reporting and external analysis

Life cycle of a port call between an agent and a port

Agent requests a port call

The port call will include the time and date of the arrival, departure and any services or turnaround

Request sent to port
Changes required or declined

Port user reviews the request

Ports can accept, deny or request changes for the port call and communicate directly with the agent via the port call’s messaging system


Port call has been accepted

Now the port call is visible in the calendar and the status is set to accepted. Agents can request changes to the port call and port users can adjust the call to fit their quays

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